Ultra Filtration System / Membrane System


A complete spectrum of MEMBRANE SEPARATION SYSTEMS are offered, be it Reverse Osmosis, Nano, Ultra or Micro Filtration.

Membrane technology is the latest and most advanced separation technologies available and used today. The main advantage of membrane technology is, it brings separation without the use of expensive chemicals, minimal unavailable power, no thermal energy requirement and uses the least floor space for said application and proceeds in well defined process conditions

Membrane technology is a generic term used for a number of different very characteristic separation process. It is termed membrane technology, as a membrane is used in each of these processes. The principle of operation is very simple. The membrane acts as a specific filter, allowing the defined molecules passage, rejecting the rest. Accordingly, we have the following types of membranes Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration, Ultra Filtration and Micro Filtration.

ultra filtration system/ Membrane SystemAdvancement in the membrane technology coupled with the variety of materials and configuration in availability, today membrane technology is competing effectively or better to conventional technologies.


Acmefil offers the entire range of Membrane systems, used for producing process / potable water from ground, blackish, sea or waste water. Developing of specific applications like Dye desalting, Enzyme concentrations, extract concentrations, pre-filtration of RO waters, ultra filtration of process liquids etc. We provide turnkey optimal solutions for all applications, combining the membrane and other thermal technologies to give a cost effective solution.


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