Evaporation is the process, which involves thermally removing a liquid from a solution, suspension or emulsion. The starting and the end products are in the liquid phase and the end product obtained is in its concentrated from.

Depending on the liquid characteristics to be concentrated, its temperature sensitivity, thermal degradation properties etc different types of evaporators have been designed and are used for variety of applications in different industries. Single stage systems are employed, where the vapour energy of one stage is used as the heating media for the next stage. Further efficiency increase is obtained by using Thermal Vapour Recompression system or Mechanical Vapour Recompression system.

Falling Film Evaporator

As the name indicates the product is fed to the inside surface of a large number of tubes through which it passes downwards forming a thin film. The steam enters the jacket surrounding the tubes and leaves at the bottom as condensate. The product inside the tubes boils, and the vapour accelerates to the bottom and separated in vapour separator.

Falling Film Evaporator,evaporator

As the entire system is working under Vacuum Evaporation, temperature is very low (below 100 Deg C) and thus the system can be applied for heat sensitive products



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